Ahmed Abdelwahhab writes: A Journey of Success amid Challenges، Setbacks، and Achievements

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As the academic year comes to an end، it was a year filled with effort and a lot of work but thankfully also filled with successes. Our school، the German International School Dubai، for the first time received a "Very Good" rating from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). For those who may not know، this is a significant achievement because the school follows the German curriculum، which has a different evaluation nature compared to the more widespread British curriculum in the UAE and other regions.

The Arabic and Islamic Education team، that I am leading، played a prominent role in this achievement. We made progress in eight areas، becoming one of the most advanced Arabic and Islamic Education departments this year، in addition to receiving a "Very Good" rating for both Arabs and non-Arabs in the primary stage. In this context، we would like to thank the Arabic Team and the KHDA team for their significant role in elevating the value and status of Arabic and Islamic education in schools and their dedication to encouraging schools to support students' understanding of Islamic، Arab، and Emirati culture.

Personal Development and Exchange of Experiences

One of the significant challenges for any teacher is how to develop professionally amidst the numerous tasks we are assigned. Therefore، it is crucial to have a plan to organize time، prioritize tasks، and attend conferences and meetings to exchange experiences with colleagues and experts in the field. Through this timeline plan، I had the honor of participating as a speaker and lecturer in four educational conferences related to the development of Arabic and Islamic education، learning from esteemed professionals and exchanging valuable knowledge.


Preparing a Generation for Leadership:

One of the challenges we faced at school was centralized management، where the school relied on one person to manage all the Arabic and Islamic education teams while the rest were teachers who volunteered without any leadership titles despite their contributions. Therefore، the most crucial step for me was to prepare a generation of leaders among my esteemed colleagues with real and not just symbolic leadership titles. This approach ensured that leadership relied on a team، not just an individual، and that the entire team was prepared for success.


But was the journey easy?

The journey was not easy at all، as it was preceded or interspersed with some professional challenges and setbacks، requiring work plans to complete what was missing، fix what faltered، and continue developing what we succeeded in. As a result، we returned stronger this year، progressed in eight areas، and، the work based on these plans will continue even if individuals change and leadership varies.

But why mention this now when things seem good?

This is a message to everyone، especially new graduates، that any journey of success is not without challenges، mistakes، setbacks، and troubles. The important thing is not to stand still without action and that "without setbacks، we would not taste the sweetness of success."

Advice and Messages

I would like to give humble advices from my personal and surrounding experiences، aiming to help us all succeed again after any falls or setbacks:

1. Get up and move: Do not think that stumbling is the end. Get up and continue what you started. Know that tough challenges and setbacks are part of any task or work. The important thing is how you deal with those challenges and rise from your stumbling.

2. You are the primary supporter: Be your own biggest supporter for development and motivation. Despite the importance of support and appreciation from those around you، the start must be from within you. Additionally، life in general will not be fair all the time، so you need to strengthen yourself to support yourself autonomously and be a support to those around you.

3. The secret of small steps: Plan your steps well، but be aware that big steps may sometimes come with big stumbles. Therefore، divide the big step into consecutive small steps and you will reach faster. Know that the first step towards success is the hardest، so do not despair; continue and you will reach.


4.Avoid conflicts: This is extremely important—stay away from distractions and conflicts as much as possible. They waste time، exhaust the mind and body، and thus reduce your productivity or its quality or both، unfortunately.

5. Good and beneficial companionship: Get closer to people of excellence، knowledge، and good character. Learn from them، give to receive، and share your knowledge and experience، and you will see the return of it، even after a while.


6. Compete with yourself: Focus on what you need to improve without comparing yourself to anyone else. Compare your present state with your past and plan for a better future. 

7. Be a role model for your students: One of the most important learning theories is social learning theory، where a student imitates what he sees in role models. The first role model a student is influenced by at school is his teacher. Be a good role model in everything، as you are shaping the future of our nation through your good example، so let us all strive to create a good future for our students.

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